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The Story

Frank Minnifield is a former University of Louisville Cardinal and Cleveland Brown, playing defensive back for the latter from 1984-92. He was named to the Pro Bowl multiple times, as well as the 1980’s All-Decade Team.

In 1983, Frank Minnifield invented the first device to measure the progress of his knee’s range of motion while successfully recovering from ACL surgery. In 2006, some 23 years later, Frank’s son Chase tore his ACL in a high school basketball game. Frank again built his range of motion monitor to assist Chase with his rehab. Chase would eventually suffer a second ACL injury in 2012, spurring the inspiration to build a mass market product for all patients experiencing knee rehabilitation. Chase has since fully recovered and plays cornerback for the Washington Redskins.

“Use the same device ‘All Pro’ Defensive Back Frank Minnifield used to rehab after knee surgery!” 



The MED Daily Track

There are one million knee operations each year in the US, and 60% of these are knee replacements. Patients often struggle during rehabilitation, with many failing to achieve 100% range of motion post operation. This lowers the patients quality of life, making it more difficult and painful to complete daily tasks and remain physically active.

Measuring Every Day manufactures a digital Health range of motion monitoring device for patients recovering from knee surgeries. The MED Daily Track device gives critical feedback to the patient, the therapist, and the surgeon concerning the progress of the rehabilitation process. The device is easily operated by one person and passively makes measurements, sending each measurement to a secure database via an associated smartphone app.

This tracking device gives the therapist an ideal communication tool to assist the patient with increasing range of motion following a knee replacement or other major knee surgery. The therapist or surgeon can also write a weekly protocol or exercises and make recommendations to send remotely to the patient using the website account in between appointments.

The MED Daily Track is the only connected consumer knee rehabilitation device; a lightweight unit that folds in half for storage convenience and was developed to be one size fits all.

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